5 Reasons to Hire a Lawyer After a Dog Bite Incident

Did you know that about 4,500,000 dog bite cases occur in the US each year? Provocation, scaring, and startling can stress dogs that lead to biting. However, some show that problematic behavior in dogs resulted in injuries, too.

Dog Bite Incident

A dog bite attorney can provide many services to help with your case. Continue reading to find out the reasons why you need a dog bite lawyer for your case.

1. Knowledge and Experience Helps

Some lawyers have no experience in handling a dog bite case. An inexperienced dog bite lawyer may fail to make proper negotiations with the dog owner or insurance company.

A dog bite attorney knows state laws, present evidence, and calculate damages. They can tell you of the appropriate claim to file against the owner. You can get compensated for medical expenses, psychological trauma, and lost wages incurred.

Keep note that the amount of compensation depends on the severity of the dog bite injury.

With this, choose a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to handle your case. You can ask for their credentials and experiences to ensure quality service.

2. Personal Advocate

A dog bite attorney will act on your behalf. They ensure you receive the correct settlement in line with the damages sustained. Your lawyer can help you determine the degree of liability of the at-fault party.

They investigate to see if there are any other parties involved as well. Dog bite lawyers aim to prosecute the at-fault party to prevent similar cases. It ensures the safety of the public from such incidents.

3. Gain Access to Resources

Hiring a dog bite lawyer allows you to work with a whole team. It has a leading attorney handling the case and a paralegal conducting research. You can include an investigator and a member to contact a medical professional.

Allowing a whole team to work on complex matters can make the process easier and faster to manage.

4. A Dog Bite Attorney With Negotiation Skills

Most dog owners let their insurance companies handle the settlement issue. However, negotiating with an insurer can lead to an unpleasant experience. An insurance company ensures to find its way to avoid paying expensive compensation.

With this, it’s vital to hire a dog bite lawyer to help you negotiate. A personal advocate studies the contract to find any deficiencies. They can disagree if the compensation is insufficient to cover all expenses incurred.

Your lawyer will explain the severity of the case to persuade the insurer to increase the amount. Expect your attorney to counter all offers until it agrees to pay for the correct amount.

5. Determine the At-Fault Party

In dog bite cases, there are several factors that can affect the decision of who to blame. It includes the location of the incident and the occurrence of provocation.

Working with an attorney can determine whose negligence caused the dog bite injury. With this, you can decide what action to take that fits the situation.

Reasons You Need a Dog Bite Lawyer

If you recently encountered a dog bite injury, hire a dog bite attorney to handle the legal matters on your behalf. You can guarantee a deserved compensation when working with our best dog bite lawyers. Reach us here to get a hold of our skilled legal team.