Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney

Dealing with the impact of a personal injury can be stressful, especially if the injury in question is severe. You may not be sure of what your first move should be following such an incident. You might be tempted to seek medical attention for your injuries and then, if applicable, call your insurance company to begin the claims process. However, your first call should be to a Wisconsin personal injury attorney to protect your interests in the situation. 

Personal injuries run the gamut from dog bites to auto accidents to medical malpractice and beyond. Depending on the circumstances of your injury, you might be due compensation to help you deal with the aftermath. 

What to do in the Immediate Aftermath of a Personal Injury Incident

The first thing you should do is seek medical attention, even if you think you don’t need it. The adrenaline you might experience in the minutes, hours or even days after a personal injury accident may result in no immediate pain. However, this could be a totally different scenario as the adrenaline wears off. Go to the hospital and get checked out to ensure that you don’t have any unseen injuries. Next, call a Wisconsin personal injury attorney on which you can rely. 

Working with an attorney from the outset prevents you from saying or doing anything that might jeopardize your chances of successfully filing a claim for damages relating to your injury. This is especially important if you have been in an auto accident, as some insurance companies will try to get you on record providing details about the accident that will work in their favor when it is time to pay damages for the accident. No matter what the nature of the injury, we will walk you through next steps to ensure that the outcome is the most favorable for you. 

What to Expect When Working with a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney

We will start by conducting a comprehensive review of your case. We will go over the details of the injury and offer advice regarding the viability of your case. We will determine what damages for which you might be eligible in the face of your injury and any impact it has had on the rest of your life. Then, once we decide to proceed, we will then gather all pertinent evidence for your case. This includes obtaining copies of any police report filed in association with the incident. We will also request copies of your medical records and seek eyewitness testimony. 

We will pursue every possible strategy to ensure that your personal injury case results in damages to help with the aftermath of the incident. Damages can help with everything from pain and suffering incurred as a result of the incident as well as ongoing medical expenses, rehabilitation and therapy and any lost wages.